Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2018

February 12th 1020 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun through moving thin cloud and saw that the sunspots from the day before had rotated. The Big Bear images showed some smaller sunspots in the same region that I did not pick up in my bins.

February 11th 0910 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun in a clear sky and saw two sunspots.

February 9th 0820 GMT

I tried to photograph the Sun from indoors, still not being 100% fit. It was too low and shining through trees but I thought it would make an interesting shot anyway.


A few minutes later, it had cleared the trees, so I carried out the planned shot. It didn't work, probably as it was indoors, so I did a drawing from visual observations.


February 9th 0750 GMT

The Moon was a waning crescent and I took some shots with my DSLR at 300mm focal length, ISO 100 and 1/1000 second exposure.

February 6th 1305 GMT

I bin scanned the Sun in a clear sky and saw a single, large sunspot.

February 4th 1040 GMT

I finally had some clear sky, so checked out the Sun from indoors with my PST, as I was still ill. I could see some granulation and tried to photograph afocally using my DSLR at 70mm and auto-exposure, with a lens hood. Initial indication were that I’d captured some parts of the solar disc. One shot caught part of the disc quite well but I could not extract any detail from the others. At least, there was something in the concept.

February 1st 0640 GMT

The Moon was low and bright in the west. I still had a cold, so I photographed it from the house with my DSLR.
Unfortunately, focussing a DSLR at 300mm on the Moon is a bit hit and miss and this time it was a miss.