Saturday, January 13, 2018

Non-Astronomy Photos 2018

January 19th

I took some snaps of the River Thames near its source in Kemble. Many days it shows as a puddle and I've even seen it dry at this point. After heavy rain, it was flowing quite nicely and there was even some water in the original source, although there was nowhere to photograph it from the road.

January 18th

I took some hill photos near Treorchy but not all photos came out.

January 10th

I caught a cat on a roof but it was cold felt, rather than hot tin.

January 7th

I took some pigeon shots from my back door. However, they were slightly out of focus.


  1. I struggle with bird photography as well, they always look soft

  2. It's getting the little to keep still. I edit my bird photos to bring out the feathers.